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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 30 Race Street, Charleston. South Carolina

Feasibility Study

“for which of you wanting to build a tower doesn’t first sit down and calculate the cost…”

The first step in building a new church building is a feasibility study. What is a feasibility study? In short,

a feasibility study is due diligence. It is finding out what you need (not what you want), what you can

afford and how to phase out various building phases to fulfill the vision God has given your church.

Such an in-depth study will cover some of the following issues:

 Interviews and questionnaires with staff and lay leaders regarding readiness to build.

 Financial analysis to assist with project scope and to determine the need for a capital campaign.

 Site analysis to uncover possible issues such as impact fees, utility capacities and soil suitability.

 Church growth analysis to satisfy lenders should financing be required.

Recommended building parameters consistent with concern for meeting both short and long term
space requirements.

Many more issues will be covered, in depth, in a full blown Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study.

Who performs the feasibility study and how much does it cost?

In order to produce a good in-depth study, the assistance of an experienced consultant is critical. Be sure

to engage one who specializes in Needs Analysis and Feasibility Studies for churches. Typically, this

consultant will offer you an abbreviated (preliminary) version requiring about one month to complete.

Following your review/approval of the “preliminary study”, the consultant will suggest a full-blown study

requiring about 90 days to complete.

“There’s a path…”you need to know where you’re going before you can ever expect to arrive at your

destination. You do this through the medium of a Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study. Jesus speaks of a

Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study in Luke 14:28; “…for which of you wanting to build a tower

doesn’t first sit down and calculate the cost…”

A thorough Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study will point you in a direction and show you the best

possible way to get there. When due diligence is exercised, with prayer, God honors it. He makes what

previously may have seemed impossible, possible!