New Building Committee
More Than Bricks and Mortar - A Foundation of Faith For Our Future

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 30 Race Street, Charleston. South Carolina

Philoxenia AUGUST 2018


                                                                                                                                             Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity
                                                                                                                                              30 Race Street  Charleston, South Carolina                                                                                                                                                                                                           843-577-2063                                                                                                                                                  


by New Building Steering Committee


Replacing our antiquated Hellenic Center and Sunday School Building with a new Holy Trinity Hellenic Center complex is no small feat.  Work and progress continues over the summer, and we thank those families and associated ministries that have pledged toward our new goal of $4 million to build a facility we can be proud of and one that meets the needs of our ministries.  Make no mistake – we WILL see our new Hellenic Center completed!

Only 35% of our parish families, ministries, or business associates have committed. Imagine what would happen if 100% of our parish and ministries pledged!  Help us reach our $4 million objective by making your pledge. Whether $100 or $100,000, every donation is greatly appreciated. And more importantly, our goal is 100% ownership with every family in the parish listed as making this dream a reality.

Thank you to the families and ministries below as of July 13, 2018.  We’ll be updating this donor list every month until our goals are met.

AHEPA Plato Chapter #4
Alexander, Patricia
Alfieris, Cyrus & Maria
Alvanos, Alke & Cindi
Alvanos, John & Brenda
Alvanos, Simeone
Agapion, Ashley & Jake & Aliki Magee
Anastopoulo, Akim & Constance
Anastopoulo, Rosie
Anderson, +Lou & Kiki
Antalis, Toni M.
Apostolou, Alex & Harriett
Ardito, Barbara
Banis, Andrew & Caroline
Banis, Ernest
Barkas, Catherine
Block, +Fred & Marina
Bornhorst, Barney & Maria
Brees, Maria Kiehling
Capadonis, John
Carabus, Daniel & Andreea
Carson, Philip
Castanas, Demetre
Castanas, Rita
Centennial Sponsors
Chakides, John & Claudia
Chakeris, +Themy & Nena
Chambers, Louis & Kathleen
Chitty, Pamela L. & Kennard Kinley
Clekis, Nick & Lori
Clekis, Olympia
Cline, Ty & Cathy
Collins, John
Contos, Ted & Pauline
Damaskos, Fr. Ari & Presbytera Debbie
Darby, John & Georgia
DeLuca, Gregory & Christa
DeLuca, Peter & Linda
Demos, Andrew & Nitsa
Diasourakis, Kiki
Drake, Speros
Dugan, Dan & Erica Rouvalis
Economou, Dr. Peter
Fassuliotis, Dennis
Ferrara, Bernie & Diane
Firilas, Tony & Kim
Florence, Hope
Forsberg, Eric & Renie
Forsberg, Tony & Rachael
Frehse, Bill & Jami
Ganacoplos, Michael & Jane
Gates, Michael & Phyllis
Gazes, Peter & Athena
Gianoukos Family
Gigis, George & Mary Ann
Glover, Cregg & Alexis
Golgakes Family
Grayson, Michael & Hope
Greek Festival
Grisette, Theodora Gigis
Hammond, Joey & Kelly
Hellman, Randall
The Hitopoulos Family
Huge, Harry & Reba
Jager, Michael & Melanie
Jonas, Brent & Deborah
Kanellos, Hamilton
Karahalis, George & Mary Elizabeth
Karnazes, George & Joyce
Kiehling, Angela
Kliossis, Victor
Kontenakos, Tia
Kordonis, Koula
Kordonis, Pano & Angela
Kosmos, Stanley & Lucy
Larkin, Ray & Larkin
Latto, Barbara
Latto, Catherine
Latto, Eleni
Latto, +Nicholas & Joanna
Latto, Toula
Lavelle, John & Mary Lee
Leadership 100
Lempesis, Basil & Laurie
Lempesis, Pete
Leventis, George & Phyllis
Leventis, Nick
Liollio Family
Magoulas, Constan
Magoulas, Ross
Maltezos, Drs. Christos & Mary
Manos, Athena
Manos, Constantinos “Dino” & Connie
Manos, Dr. Peter & Jane
Manos Family Properties, LLC
Manutes, Bobby & GeeGee
Meletis, Tom & Effie
Misoyianis, Johnny
Monocrusos, George & Patricia
Montgomery, Thelma
Morris, +George & Cissy
Moshovites, James & Zoe
Moskos, Carol
Moskos, Pat & Jerry
Moskos, Stella
Mueller, James & Rene
Norton, Darice
Palassis Family
Rose Palassis Family
Palles, Chris & Donna
Pappas, +Constan
Pappas, Drs. Alex & Ann
Pappas, Dr. Ted
Paulatos, Pete & Summer
Petko, Ron & Margie
Philoptochos, St. Irene Chapter
Polites, Chris & Sabrina
Poparad, Jay & Christa
Rodes, Anthony & Demetra
Ruby, Mark & Billie
Scalco, Aleksandra & Salvatore
Sherman Charitable Trust
Sherman Trust Fund
Stamatiades, George & Anna
Stamatiades, Jr., George & Lawrie
Stamatiades, John N.
Stamatiades, Nick & Despina
Stamatopoulos, Dimitrios & Hara
Stavrinakis, Leon
Stavrinakis, Michael & Karen
Stoucker, Cleo
TIAA Charitable
Trapalis, Frances “Froso”
Tumboli, Joan
Turner, Bill & Andrea
VanGuard Charitable
Yaschik Foundation
Velonaki Ministry
Verma, Vino & Elaine
Veronee, Michael & Sandra
Volahogiannis, George
Vozikis, George & Lena
Wade, Michael
Wade, Mike & Elizabeth
Westerfelhaus, Ph.D., Robert & Penny
Zakhary, Jonathan & Robin
Zakis, Conrad & Susan
Zervos, +Peter & Mary    

If you pledged or donated to the New Building Fund and your name is not listed above, please call or email Cleo Stoucker at 843-577-2063 or [email protected]