New Building Committee
More Than Bricks and Mortar - A Foundation of Faith For Our Future

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 30 Race Street, Charleston. South Carolina

Questions and Answers

Part of the effort of the New Building Committee sub-committee for Public Relations and Marketing has been to visit different ministries of our Church to present an update of the new building committee’s work.  Some of the questions that have come up during these presentations include:
QWe have heard that the foot print for a new building would have to be the same as the current foot print for the Hellenic Center.  Is that true?
A:   No... The space needs of our community will dictate footprint and the City of Charleston's Planning Department will influence site layout.
Q:  Is the plan to tear down all three buildings—the Hellenic Center, the Parish House, and the Sunday School rooms?
A:  Yes.
QWhere did the name Orthodox Christian Center come from and will that be the name of the new building?
A:  Orthodox Christian Center is more of an identity of the functions of the building than a name.  No formal name for the complex has been determined.
QWill there be adequate storage planned in a new facility, e.g., for dance costumes, church Easter books, tables and chairs, etc.?
A:  Storage is a primary space need that has been identified during interviews with the ministries of our community and appropriate square footage has been included in the architectural program to address these needs.
Q:  There used to be a Hellenic Community metal arch that was used as an entrance to the grounds.  Would it be possible to use this arch in the design somewhere?
A:  Depending on the condition of the arch, it could be incorporated into the planning for the landscape and grounds.
Q:  Will there be a choir rehearsal room and space for music storage?
A:  Choir rehearsal room and appropriate area for music storage has been included in the architectural program for the new center.
Q:  How can I help?
A:  Your enthusiasm, your encouragement, and your support.  And keep an open mind regarding all aspects of this exercise, including financing options. Creativity extends beyond physical design.
For more information please contact Jimmie Gianoukos, OCCC Chairman
[email protected]